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About Instructional Resources

TEA has a number of instructional resources available for math educators.  These resources are materials produced by TEA as well as materials produced by TEA partners such as universities and education service centers.  A more targeted set of resources is available as part of the TEA’s Student Success Initiative (SSI).  SSI is designed to help educators ensure student progress at specific grade junctures.

Instructional Resources

TEA math instructional resources include recently-refined versions of the math TEKS for verifying curriculum alignment and focus, TAKS study guides for assisting with annualized progress assessment, and instructional guides designed to assist with teaching math more effectively to English language learners.  See all instructional resources.

Student Success Initiative Resources

The Student Success Initiative (SSI) is focused on helping educators ensure on grade level performance by students.  SSI includes specific student advancement requirements for the Grade 3 reading test, Grade 5 reading and mathematics tests, and Grade 8 reading and mathematics tests.  Students must pass these tests in order to be promoted to the next grade.  TEA has developed a number of materials to help schools implement the SSI grade advancement requirements.  See all SSI resources.