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K-2 Math Assessments

About K-2 Diagnostic Assessments

Educators now have several new K-2-math diagnostic tools.  Texas A&M University and national early childhood math expert Dr. Herb Ginsberg of Columbia University have developed two types of diagnostic tools for K-2 teachers:  A rapid assessment tool and a flexible interview assessment.

The rapid assessment offers a quick gauge of student ability.  The flexible interview technique offers a deeper understanding of student cognitive ability based on underlying research in the area of questioning strategy.  Together these tools add to teacher capabilities at the important early grades and allow educators to more effectively measure a student’s grasp of key math concepts.

These assessments and accompanying materials are available below, and are a component of the larger Math TEKS Connections (MTC) teacher professional development suite.

Rapid Task Assessments

The Rapid Task Assessment provides a quick and easy method for assessing students in the classroom regarding their progress toward meeting the TEKS. Rapids can be used in many different ways in the classroom-pull out, during play, and small groups. All of the Rapid Task Assessments are TEKS-aligned.

Flexible Interview Materials

The MTC team has created a set of materials to help you in conducting Flexible Interviews. These materials guide you through the process of carrying out each step of the Flexible Interview and include questions that will help you better investigate the student's knowledge.

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